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Nov 10, 2016 11:25 AM
Avram Doomchin

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Tool 1: The Workout for a Cannon Arm

Being able to keep runners from taking extra bases, and out of scoring position, is a physical advantage every players wants. To increase your distance throwing, long toss is considered one of the best drills to build arm strength.

Tool 2: The Workout for Elite Footspeed

Speed is a valuable tool, not only for baserunning, but on defense it allows you to take extra bases and make hard plays look easy. First step quickness is vital to stealing a base or running down a ball.

Tool 3: The Workout for a Golden Glove

Knowing where to position yourself against opposing hitters will help you make tough plays look simple. By taking lots of ground balls and fly balls, you can increase your strength at a position. Being able to play other positions will also increase your value as a player.

Tool 4: The Workout for Consistent Hitting

Hitting for average is probably one of the most beneficial tools, because in order to score runs you must get on base. Being able to hit to all fields and having excellent pitch selection at the plate is crucial. Most players with a high average hit the ball hard and often.

Tool 5: The Workout for Power Hitting

Clearly, hitting for power means lots of extra bases along with home runs. Being able to have tremendous bat speed along with overall body strength produces a lot of homeruns, which everyone loves to see. While many are quick to look at arm strength, lower body rotation training enables a lot of bat speed, and hence, consistent power.

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